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    • The Making Space (The Dark Would) 

      Naomi de la Tour and Phil Gaydon� ()
      What is the importance of the relationship between form and content in HE teaching and learning? Bubbles, music, fairy lights, camp fires, tents, face paints, Lego, riddles, Play-doh�these are just some of the things used ...
    • Team work training for ST404 Applied Statistical Modelling 

      Dr Elke Thonnes ()
      "The aim of the module ST404 Applied Statistical Modelling is to provide students with the skills and competencies needed in statistical practice. An essential element of this is to train students to work effectively in a ...
    • Space walk for the WIHEA 

      Becky Woolley ()
      "As Community Engagement Manager for Undergraduates and Teaching, Becky is tasked with developing community engagement services in and around the Teaching Grid, Learning Grids and Main Library:"
    • Use of E-Learning as part of a blended learning approach within undergraduate teaching - Investigating the postgraduate teacher�s experience 

      James Harrison, Sharifah Sekalala ()
      "In a project funded by IATL, Sharifah and James took the experience of the postgraduate teachers and investigated how using E-Learning as part of a blended approach could benefit their experience. Citing examples of the ...
    • Flipping classrooms: How you can get your students to do more of the work 

      Robert O'Toole ()
      This is a simple idea, with the potential to transform your working life and the quality of the student experience. Using new, easily accessible technologies, you can �flip� the roles of the lecture theatre and homework. ...
    • Learning to be Mathematically Resilient 

      Sue Johnston-Wilder ()
      "It is well-known that mathematics anxiety causes the tendency of maths-anxious individuals to avoid maths content, courses and careers with high mathematical content. Humanities students tend to have high mathematics ...
    • Strategies for Enabling the Student as Researcher 

      Professor Cathia Jenainati ()
      "Using the Comparitive Perspectives on Arabic Literature module as an example, Cathia explores the idea of the student as researcher and how to promote and develop the skills students need in order to independently research ...
    • Greek Culture and Society:Handling Session - November 2013 

      Dr Michael Scott and Dr David Fearn ()
      "Michael and David's report on the handling session they held in the Teaching Grid using full size replica's of ancient Greek vases. For students to begin to understand how images were seen and understood in context, by ...
    • Critical Issues in Law and Management 2013-2014 

      Ioanna Iordanou ()
      A report on the Critical Issues in Law and Management (CILM) sessions lead by Ioanna Iordanou and Shafifah Sekalala in the Experimental Teaching Space.
    • HI 173 Empire and Aftermath 

      Sarah Hodges ()
      In her report Sarah details how students read historical works by a specialist author prior to the session and then completed specific tasks which afterwards were reported back to the group .
    • Feedback in Practice - Screen Capture 

      Russell Stannard ()
      Russell outlined how Screen Capture Software can be used to enhance the quality of feedback given to students.
    • France and the World since 1945 

      David Lees ()
      David's report on his session in the Experimental Teaching Space facilitation a combination of student as researcher and student as teacher models.
    • Student-Centred Learning on Moodle 

      Christian Smith ()
      Moodle is fast becoming a popular tool for teaching at the University of Warwick. As of the beginning of this academic year, there were 1,090 Moodle courses with 15,000 people active per month. All departments in the ...
    • Staying Ahead 

      Sarah Richardson, Sean Allan, Rob O'Toole, Gary Watt ()
      "A panel of four of Warwick�s National Teaching Fellows present on a variety of teaching and learning innovations. Sarah Richardson considers audio-feedback and word clouds in marking alongside her top tips for getting an ...
    • Enhancing student interactions with the instructor and content using Twitter 

      Iyad Abou-Rabii ()
      "Iyad Abou-Rabii presents on fostering interactive learning and enhancing motivation through the use of Twitter. He discusses how Twitter can be used in general, particularly via its directory which allows for a search of ...
    • Actively Engaging with Images of Creativity 

      Rachel Dickinson ()
      Images of Creativity�is an interdisciplinary module, located in�WBS�and available to all Undergraduates from Year 2 onwards. The module examines and illuminates�Creativity�through collaborative group learning, drawing on ...
    • Do I need to know this? Some suggestions for getting the best out of your students 

      Nick Barker ()
      "In this workshop Nick identifies some familiar barriers to progress among students. He goes on to discuss how they can be overcome to the benefit of both the teacher, and the student."
    • Digital Academic Writing seminars case study 

      Christian Smith ()
      "In this Window on Teaching session Christian explores how to teach a technologically-enhanced seminar. He demonstrates how students' work, presentations and your annotations can be captured and delivered to students. ...
    • Varieties of Decision Making: An Interdisciplinary Approach 

      Jonathan Tritter ()
      Jonathans report on the series of sessions held in the Experimental Teaching Space which enabled a wide ranging understanding of different types of disciplinary processes in decision making.